Hello, I'm Stacy...

...from a very young age animals have been my world.

When I bought Liberty (a little bundle of Labrador) home 13 years ago, she changed my life.

However, there were always times when I had to leave Libby because of work or personal events and I could never find the heart to put her into kennels.

It was always so stressful arranging care for her and more importantly with someone I truly trusted...

I have now been in the Pet Industry for over 20 years, first as a Veterinary Nurse and then selling premium animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals to veterinary practices. I learned a great deal about the benefits of appropriate nutrition and the biology of our pets along the way.

It’s this experience that helped me realise what I had always wanted, to spend more time with animals and to be a service pet owners could trust with their precious pets.

So I set up  Libertys Pet Services  named in memory of my brilliant Liberty!

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